Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wet-Steps Swim Ladders at Stokes Dock Co.!

Stokes Dock Co. is a full-service authorized dealer for Wet-Steps Swim Ladders! Easy-to-install to any type of decking! Do-it-yourself or have us install it for you! Starting at $549.00!!! Stop-by our showroom in the Stonecrest Mall!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Stonecrest Mall is having a special 1-day showcase featuring art, crafts, jewelry, men & women's accessor...
Special event going on at Stonecrest Mall featuring art, jewelry, women's accessories & many more great holiday gift ideas! Closes at 4pm!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

From the best quality built, longest lasting, most reliable & best performing boat docks, boatlifts, breakwat...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Provide Solutions for Yesterday's Problems Using Tomorrow's Technology...Today!

"We Provide Solutions for Yesterday's Problems Using Tomorrow's Technology...Today!"  More than some simple sales pitch, catchy slogan and/or a bunch of meaningless words!  To all of us here at Stokes Dock Co., Inc. as well as our valuable supporters and satisfied clients, it's 1 of the most important mission statements we have and 1 of the most important values we offer everyone!  It also serves as true testimony to not only our beginning and what we worked so incredibly hard to establish, but also a true testament to our ongoing existence and our daily purpose as well as our future goals and our continued success!  It offers many key values that we utilize when we offer our expertise and/or our suggestions as well as when we research and develop new products, new techniques, new concepts, ideas and more!  It's the end-result that we look to achieve for each and every client that we service and provide any type of assistance to!
For example, when you want better protection for your boat and/or boat dock, we don't simply offer you the cheapest-most-ineffective rubber pieces, plastic parts, band-aid type fixes, good luck endearments nor any other ineffective marine products and/or services!  We dig-deep by asking you the importantly relevant questions in order to find the true issues that you need help with, so we then can suggest the best and most effective products and/or services that will help you achieve the true solution(s) to your issue(s)!  We truly value our clients and their concerns as if it were us and our own concerns!  Finding and providing true solutions to your issues are just as important and meaningful to us as it is to you!  In the end, it's the smiles, happiness, appreciation, satisfaction and more that make this so rewarding!
Now, obviously like any other company, your business is very important to our present existence as well as our future success, but we want you to know that your business means more to us than just simply making another sale!  Your business combined w/ the many other key components and ideals, such as, earning your trust, your respect, your confidence, your support, your happiness, your satisfaction, your appreciation and more, are but a few of the vital building blocks which have helped us become what we envisioned and hoped to become 11+ years ago as well as what we hope to become tomorrow...the Ultimate Source for Your Waterfront Living Lifestyle!  We're more than just "another boat dock company" or "marine products/services provider"!  Our true intentions and purpose, promises and guarantees are to provide you and every other client w/ the absolute safest, most reliable, best quality-built, most durable, best performing and longest lasting boat docks, boat lifts, boat dock products, waterfront living accessories, services and solutions available!
In order to keep those promises and guarantees, we know that we can't rely on old designs, cheap materials, shortcut techniques nor any other ineffective methods like others use!  Instead, we must implement, utilize and apply all of the positive elements and values that will help our clients achieve the best results and the most satisfaction!  That's why we've chosen to only use, the Most Advanced Technology, New and Innovative Designs, the Best Quality Materials, the most Durable Components, Creative yet Effective Techniques, Continuous Education and Self/Brand-Improvement, the Widest-Variety of Options and many other key values that will set us apart from our competition
 and make our quality products, services and solutions reign supreme!  Negative values and ideals, such as, Sacrificing Quality for Price, Imperfect Materials, Ineffective Shortcuts and Methods, Providing Unsafe and/or Unreliable Products and Services that are guaranteed to fail and many more, can and will infect and destroy what we worked so hard to build and maintain!  Abiding by and enforcing these positive values and this mission statement at every opportunity, will ensure that the client receives what we promise and guarantee every time!
Now, this is not to say that we are perfect and are w/out flaws or mistakes!  Obviously, we are human and we have made a few mistakes and in the future, will probably make a few more mistakes, but learning from them and not making the same mistake twice, are the positive results that will help us make your waterfront living lifestyle, the absolute best!  Tho some would believe that we're foolish for admitting these &/or any mistakes at all, we instead hope that our admittance of guilt, honesty and integrity will represent our true self, our true intentions and will become the 1st steps in building a meaningful, trustworthy, beneficial and long-lasting relationship w/ you and every client we have the opportunity to take care of!  You have our promise and guarantee that we will work as hard as we can, as smart as we can and as fast as we can in order to achieve 100% perfect-results or as close to perfect-results as we possibly can!  
Like all of our blogs, we hope this will help you become more familiar and/or better relate to the true members, the real human beings, and real families that work hard and dedicate themselves to make this company and its quality products, services & solutions, what they truly are today and what we hope and aspire to become tomorrow!  It also represents our true intentions, our purpose, our goals, the end-results and the countless benefits that you will receive when you become part of the Stokes Dock Co. family!  As your waterfront living needs and lifestyle grows, we hope you will always remember us and know that we will always be there every step of the way to help you, your family, your friends and your guests own, maintain, improve and enjoy the ultimate waterfront living lifestyle!  However, we need your continued business, loyal support, voices and more to help us increase our sales, promote our company and provide us w/ suggestions, thoughts and ideas that will help us improve our company as well as our products and services!  By helping each other, we can not only become what we envisioned so many years ago, but also become the only company that you need and can rely on for the best waterfront living lifestyle!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Quality, Reliability, Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Consistent, Proven Performance, Supportive, Helpful & Guara...